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Preserve Your Family History with iBiographer

Wouldn’t it be a shame to lose your family history or stories?

Over time many life stories become forgotten…. the details and special moments of people’s lives become lost to future generations. Now iBiographer offers you the chance to create biographies and a family history for every generation to enjoy and keep.

Everyone has a life story that needs to be preserved for others to know and for future generations to remember and learn about family members and friends.

We Make It Easy

iBiographer is designed to preserve your family’s history, memories and documents in one safe place to share with the whole family. We’ve made it easy for you to create a living family history.You can write about anyone, upload photos, documents, videos and music. You do it the way you want, when you want and take how long you want! You don’t need to pick and choose what to include either – make it as long as you want and keep on adding as you discover new things.

Sometimes friends become more like family and they bring a new perspective on a loved one. Friends often have memories to share and are a rich source with great stories to tell.

Keep it like a journal so everyone you invite can add, make comments and share in it. As the host you still get final say on what is included and published.

Get to Know Your Roots and Feel Connected

Family and friends spread throughout the United States or across the globe?

iBiographer makes it easy to stay in touch, work together and share memories, photos and videos from all over the world. Invite family and friends to help you capture every part of the person’s life in a central place. Our website includes interactive features such as a forum and instant messaging to make working together a breeze.

Private or Public?

Once your biographies and/or family tree is complete, you have the option to keep it private or and share it with invited family and friends or make it public to be viewed by any registered user on the website. You’re the host so you choose.

Many Ways to Bring Your Family History to Life

Get registered… be the host and start inviting family and friends to help build your biographies and family history

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About writing a Biography

Creating your own biography is an exciting way of keeping a record of the major happenings of your life and sharing it with the generations to come. Track your children’s life story, record milestones and memories as they grow up and share with family all over the world. You can organize the information in your biography in three ways:

  • Chronological by date – Entries are arranged by date of occurrence. This format is ideal for a child’s life story or baby journal.
  • Chronological by category – Entries by sections such as the early years, career, college years, military service years, etc.
  • Free style – Make and organize entries as you wish. Just go … start writing sentences and jotting information.

Or do a mix of all three! Formats can be changed any time.

  • Upload photos, videos or music to go along with your story to see, hear, or play the scene
  • Print the pages with the photos and create a book.
  • If you forgot and need to add an event later use the arrows to move chapter to the correct place in the biography timeline.
  • Biography can be kept private for only invited guests to see or can be made public for all registered users on to see.
  • No need for family members to feel left out or fight over photos and documents. Link to the tree and share it if another family member that has the same family member on their tree e.g. your sister has your mother on her tree can share the link to your mother’s biography and information!
  • Choose graphics to add fun on the page!

About writing a Baby Bio

iBiographer keeps the whole family together and all in one home! No need to deal with different websites for the baby from the siblings, parents, or grandparents! Baby Bio does all the same things as the regular but what makes it different? It allows you to record and keep a journal of the baby’s medical, weight, and height information as well as all the activities and milestones in the child’s life. You can continue to do this as long as you want or until the age of 13. Track your children’s life journey and memories, and share it with family all over the globe so no one has to miss out on the excitement as they grow!

Family Tree

Relationships and family ties are important part of any family history and our family tree maker creates your own private family trees. Biographies of family members can be linked to your own family tree, and as a host you can also allow it to be linked to trees of invited family and friends.

Video Show

A special family event coming up? Just like the biography the host can collaborate and create keepsake biographical video presentations for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvah, graduations, family reunions, funerals with family and friends all over the world. No need to miss any part of their life because you can’t get together to make it. The host can invite everyone to share their photos, videos, music to make the best life story possible for everyone to see at the special event. You can even download it and give as a gift too.

  • Can be downloaded to a DVD for yourself or give as a gift or to make it easier to play at the event.
  • Can add background music.

Preserve Memory

Don’t know what to do with memories of loved ones? Do you have old documents, love letters and photos sitting in the attic that only you can see? iBiographer is also a safe place where you scan and store all those important documents, letters, photos and videos in a central location. Not only are these memories then preserved but you can share them with family and friends.