The loss of a loved one does not mean their life has to be forgotten or their most prominent traits and life story has to be lost to future generations. For many it can feel very important to pay tribute to their loved ones they have lost and to honor them.

Ground Zero New York

Roads, bridges, buildings, airports, memorial sites, walls can immortalize the person or people into remembrance and history but most of this happens to mostly prominent members of the community or country or an event. What about someone who led an ordinary life or people who may have quietly done extraordinary things? Were heroic in their own way? How are they remembered? We all have them in our families and communities.


Everyone makes a difference in someone’s life that should be remembered. It makes me think of the classic film “ It’s a Wonderful Life”  where Frank ( James Stewart) is reminded by an angel how he made a difference in people’s lives and without him it would have been a different outcome. I’m sure if you thought about it you may come up with some too. For example, as a parent I feel there are many things that I have done over my life that have impacted people in some way another whether as a wife, mother, an educator or member of a community but do my children know it all? And how will they know unless I tell them about it somewhere easy for them to see? Such as in

Restoring an old coffee table in the back yard

We know that famous people or outstanding people in the world have over the years found many ways to do this. But what about ordinary, everyday people like most of us who may have also done extraordinary  things in their lives – should they go unrecognized?  

It would be a shame to not immortalize people in your family especially war heroes, family heroes, and lose those stories over the years. And iBiographer is a perfect place for your own heroes. After seeing the WW2 75th anniversary celebration of the D- Day landings it seemed such a shame to me that the stories of these living and deceased heroes would be lost for future generations of their families. It is up to those living to honor them, make the effort, and write their memories.

Arnhem Museum, Netherlands

Think of people like Anne Frank. Her diary and story would not be known to the world if those living had not made the effort and brought it to our attention. It immortalized her and we are so much richer for knowing it.

Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam

 iBiographer can be a great tool to immortalize yourself, and love ones. Think how good it would be to write your memories and upload many photos, videos, documents like the family recipes, certificates and accomplishments that show all the things they did in their life whether extraordinary or not.

Internet seems to be the way of the future and for future generations. It is easy to access and you can share it with everyone in your family, so no-one is the sole keeper of it. It also makes it easier to do something with all the memorabilia that is in storage and hard to let go of.


After writing it you could print it out (without videos and music) to create a book for free or even send it to be published into a hardback. Great to give as a gift to someone you treasure.

I did just that and it feels great to have something down in a secure safe place for my family to see.

Don’t have the time? You sometimes have to make time before it is too late. Do one page just to have something written down. So, what are you waiting for – try it!

So, tell me – have you immortalized anyone? Do you have a suggestion? What would you do for your loved ones?

In the follow up blog to this I have listed some other ideas that you may find useful.

So… what are you waiting for? Start writing your life story now!