Writing and sharing your storylines is one of the most powerful ways to grow and give your journey a kick start. By writing your old stories, you will find yourself amid a new storyline that will also provide you with the freedom to be your true self. It has been proven to be an effective change in life that will make you realize that healing and growth both are available for you to tune in with your needs through writing. It might not provide you with the entire answer, but write your own storyline as it is one of the most effective tools to get your answers. iBiographer is one of the best sites to write my own biography.

Where should you begin from?

The mere thought of writing your own storyline of your past while facing all the lights and shadows that have shaped you into who you are now can be a daunting one, but it will also reflect how strong you have become. Start with writing small chapters of any memory that comes up in your mind and finding each memory will guide you through the process. And you should never forget that you are the only person who can tell your own story, and it is only through writing, sharing, and releasing it as a beginning to rewrite your future.

What is the importance of story creation and storytelling?

  1. They help us to cope and reflect upon our strengths.
  2. They allow us to imagine and remember the beautiful memories we have created.
  3. They also help us in solving our problems and try on various solutions.
  4. They help us in engaging our attention while understanding others.

Why should you choose us?

We are one of the most reliable and safest platforms out there for you to pen down your life stories, your family’s biographies, from a newborn to the oldest ancestor you might know. We serve you with a platform for your private, personal place to write down freely about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. The site is free, and you can take however long a period you want to complete your stories.


iBiographers make sense of our life experiences in part by the stories we learn or tell ourselves, which also helps us grow and evolve as better people. Write your own storyline with us and relish your light and shadow moments while sharing and inspiring others.