By Catherine Pulsifier


“Life is a”

Life is an opportunity,

seize the day, live each day to the fullest.                                                    

Life is not a project,

but a journey to be enjoyed.

Life is a gift, accept it,

enjoy it, and be happy with it.

Life is a challenge,

but  challenges can always be overcome.

Life is to be lived,

not to be dreamed.

Life is a wonder,

If you sit back and be thankful.

Life is a decision each of us makes,

to be happy or sad.

Life is a time

For new beginnings and endings.

Life is a balance,

take time for play not just work.

Life is a joy

for those who are optimistic.

Life is a bundle of possibilities

if you just look for them.

Life is a meant to do,

not to regret.

Life is no bed of roses

but life is what you make it.

Red Rose