What is iBiographer?

A free website for you to write your own life story, your family’s biographies, from new born baby to the oldest ancestor you know

Provides you a personal, private place to write freely about ordinary people and extraordinary lives.

You do it the way you want and take however long you want – it’s free

It gives you a place to use your family research to add to biographies. Just keep adding chapters as you find new information.

Life doesn’t wait so do it before it’s too late and start writing now

What is iBiographer

iBiographer has all the tools to make it easy to write…

Write one or more chapters, upload photos, documents, videos and music to really show what the person’s life was about, how they lived, what they did, talked, travelled, and enjoyed life.

Life is not just about dates and places. Print and make it into a book and give as a gift.

Invite, collaborate and share with your family.

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Family Tree

Build and add all the members of your family as far as you can go. Link biographies of family members to tree for easy access and sharing. Learn more

Family Tree
Baby Bio

Baby Bio

Just like regular a biography but has tools to record baby’s medical history, weight, and height information as well as all the activities and milestones in the child’s life.

Invite and share with family across the globe so no-one misses out.

A place to record important information so you don’t forget or lose it.

A great gift to give when they are older.

Our Story

Over time many life stories become forgotten…the details and special moments of people’s lives become lost to future generations. Not all places in the world keep good records so it’s up to individuals to find out and record it somewhere themselves. iBiographer offers you the place to do that.

BUILD, CONNECT, and PRESERVE a family history for every generation to enjoy and keep.Read more

Our Story

Some Writing Tips

Starting a biography can seem like a daunting prospect but iBiographer makes it so easy

Just start a chapter and it will take off before you know! Here are some tips to get you going …

On The Go with iBiographer

Use your mobile device to instantly update biographies and family as things happen – great for Baby Bio!

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When my mother died unexpectedly, I had so many unanswered questions about her life and my past. Don’t leave your family in the dark until it’s too late. Find out now and write it down for the family to know. Heritage suddenly became very important.

Roony S.

It was all in bits and pieces. I found iBiographer to be a great place to combine all the research the family had done, with what we know, and also to share the life stories with everyone.

Ciara S.

Love being able to keep a record of my grandson’s life so that one day I give him his childhood as a gift… maybe even as a book…

Frida M.

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