What is iBiographer?

A place for you to write your own life story and your family’s biographies online. Just like a book keep adding the chapters for all those moments in your life. Life isn’t just about dates and places. It allows you to write about what they did, how they lived, talked, travelled, and enjoyed life.

Why Do You Need iBiographer?

Do you hold the key to unlocking your family history? If you don’t get something down in writing you will you lose a big part of your family's history, life stories, and most importantly your children's heritage? Your family history could become lost and forgotten over time.

Sadly, if there is a disaster in your place what would you take? Losing photos, family memorabilia can be heartbreaking and hard to replace. iB can give you a place to preserve some of these memories so all is not lost.

If you have had joy, suffered hardships, had wartime experiences, and loss then iB is the perfect place to unleash your private thoughts in a safe place.

Journaling your child’s precious life in Baby Bio will allow the child to read about their early life in the future. It will help them remember milestones and know of their medical history when they are older, especially if parents are not around to tell them anymore.

What is our Mission?

To keep it FREE for everyone to use.

Have a free platform for people of all incomes to have a place where they can preserve their family history. Everyone has a life story that needs to be preserved for others to know and for their future generations to learn about their family history.

To provide a free place so ordinary people with or without extraordinary stories have the chance to write their biographies and leave for family to read and remember who they are.

To prevent important details and special moments of people’s lives becoming lost to future generations.

What makes iBiographer different from other sites?

iBiographer is a place for everyone to preserve their family history and family tree for free.

Websites with subscription can be limiting and you don’t always have the time to use them fully. This can make it an expensive hobby.

What do you do with the all the research you have got from other sites – bury it again? So how do you share, preserve and allow other family members see it? iBiographer is a perfect place to preserve your research and legacy for the whole family to see.

Some paid websites rely on record of births and deaths but not all countries register these properly, therefore making it very hard to trace people. Word of mouth through the family seems to be the only way to get any information from these areas making IB a great place to write it and save it for future generations.

Tools to help:

Media - Add photos, videos, music and important documents to tell their story, bringing them to life and giving family members a better understanding of their own history

Invite – Collaborating and share information with family and friends can help you capture every part of the person’s life in a central place. Work together, add your own chapters, photos and those family recipes

Baby Bio - It allows you to write and keep a journal of the baby’s medical, weight, and height information as well as all the activities and milestones in the child’s life.

Family tree – create and add all the members of your family as far as you can go. Biographies of family members can also be linked to the member in family tree for easy access.

Social Network – Unlike other sites it’s a private spot for just the family you invite to gather up and connect with each other. Socially interactive features such as a Discussion Forum and Chatterbox help to make it easier to stay in touch, collaborate together and share memories, photos and videos from all over the world.

Global - Share it with family all over the world so no one needs to miss out as you write. Invite and start sharing.

Why do it?

A word from the founder…

Part of my family is from an area that did not keep clear records and information so it is more word of mouth for me. With the death of my parents I felt a strong need to leave my family’s life stories and family tree so that my children would have something to tell them of their heritage and for future generations. Without me doing something how will they know their own history? I am the last in line.

My need and belief in the concept is so strong, and being that we are in the age of the internet I created iBiographer.

I am a very strong believer in the great goodness of this website and the service it provides for people and families all over the world.

As Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy) said in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes…

"All these people will live, so long as you remember"

So…don’t wait any longer. Get the life stories before you can’t and start writing.

Sofia Milner

Founder and owner