Everyone have their own stories however, not all are able to convey and put it on paper. If you are one of those enthusiastic write who wish to tell your story then luckily there is an online platform where you can write your own story online and publish it.

It is all about preserving memories, and an online platform “iBiographer” offers you to write and publish the way you want it. Hiring a ghostwriter and developing a story is a long call, time-consuming and costly. This is a free online platform that lets you write and furnish at your pace. It even allows you to share it within your network.

How Does It Work

The online portal have all the editor tools and necessary advice to use if you are trying it for the first time. It’s like you are creating a blog. The best part about it is your own story online reaches to the wider audience. All you have to do is pen down whatever you feel like – it could be your own biography, some hot romance, or even a thriller. Who know that writing down your own story online can be the next sensation. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned writer, any genre you can choose to write.

write your own story online

The best part is, the portal pays you for the best stories. You can get paid for the stories, when your stories hit the maximum number of clicks and comments, you get to earn from your writing. It is like getting rewarded for the things that you might not have taken seriously is earning you some serious income.

To get started, register with the online website just like how you create your account. And from then, let the editor take you to the screen page where you start writing. The stories can be saved in-between wherever you feel like and start writing it again.

In Conclusion

To provide a free place so ordinary people with or without extraordinary stories have the chance to write their biographies and leave for the family to read and remember who they are.