Using iB

It is FREE for all to use

No need to worry about paying for plans or subscriptions.

A central place to collaborate, gather all the information from everyone, build the biographies together, and share with family.

Creating a New Biography

You can write about what the person did, accomplished, stories they told, jokes they made, where they travelled, how they lived, and what they enjoyed.

Start at any point in your life. It’s set up like a book with individual chapters – you can use arrows to put them in chronological order.

Do one chapter or as many as you want. Write as much or as little as you want.

You can upload photos, videos, music and important documents to make them come alive.

Attach the biography to the individuals tree node in the FAMILY TREE for quick access and viewing by clicking “Attach biography to a Tree Node and selecting the name.

As Host you can invite people to help with individual biographies and share their information. This way no-one misses out or fight over who gets to keep certain photos and documents of a deceased loved one.

As the Host you will have the authority to add or delete any details added by invited guests to any biography you host.

You can also make chapters of a biography public on the Something Simple Blog page.

About Baby Bio

Track your children’s life journey, memories, and share it with family all over the globe so no one needs miss out on the excitement as they grow.

Family members like grandparents can also do Baby Bios and would make a great gift to give when they are older.

Baby Bio does all the same things as the regular biography except it allows you to record and keep a journal of the baby’s medical, weight, and height information.

No need to deal with different websites for the baby from the siblings, parents,or grandparents - iBiographer keeps the whole family together in one home.

You can continue to add this until the age of 13.

Creating a Family Tree

Relationships and family ties are important part of any family history and our family tree maker creates your own private family tree. Your past is in the Family Tree.

The Host is the account holder and therefore originator of the Family Tree.

The Host can add and build Tree sideways, down and upward going as far back as you want.

You can only delete a person if they are not attached to another members. If

they are attached to other members you will need to delete the person that is the furthest relationship away first and go backwards.

Biographies of family members can be linked to family tree for quick access.

The Host can add family members to relative’s names, branching off to create that person’s own family tree. The Tree Icon number represents the members in a relative’s branch.

The Host can keep it private or share it with invited family members.

Printing will be affected by size of the Tree.

Using Research from the Internet

In some cases, it can be copied and pasted directly into the chapters. You can then modify it to suit your purpose.

Other information will need to be added manually by the writer.

Uploading Memorabilia

Photos and documents will need to be digitized

Letters and newspaper clippings can be photographed or be scanned into PDF form

Objects can be photographed and uploaded as a photo

Home movies need to be digitized and a clip should play for 1 minute maximum in length

Movies using the phone can be uploaded directly from your phone as the website is responsive

Save voice recordings as a video or MP3 file

Music will need to be as an MP3 file

Printing the Biography

You can print the pages with the photos only. Documents will need to be printed separately.

You can choose a background color or a border color if you wish by going to the " Modify Profile" on the right of the biography page and select the preferred background and border colors.

Gifting and a Book

Print into a book to give as a gift.

Download and send to a publisher to create a professional hard back book.

Contact us for more information at


Use a memory stick or save on the computer.