Writing Tips

Starting a biography may seem like a daunting prospect but iBiographer makes it so easy.

It’s all do-it-yourself with tools to make it easy so write your own biography how you want and at your own pace. There is no wrong or right way to write.

  Just start and it will take off before you know but here are some tips to just get you going…

You create chapters so start anywhere in your life.

Start with something you remember well – a recent event, vacation, birthday to just to get going.

Start with small chapters. You can keep on adding and editing chapters as you remember making them as long or short as you want.

After a few chapters you can rearrange the chapters using the tools available on the page.

If you remember something just start a new chapter

Can’t remember the exact dates use a general dates e.g. 50th Wedding Anniversary, School Field Day

Invite family and friends to help and add chapters.

Use letters, photos, and documents to remember events.

Try recording conversations on smartphone directly and indirectly to help gather information.

Film events in 30 second blocks

Scan documents as PDF files or takes photos of memorabilia.

Identify periods in their life e.g. special days, vacations, trips and events.

It doesn’t need to be in sentences. Do bullet points or headings if you want.

IT’S ALL UP TO YOU! You choose.

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